Share the Road

tiny trucks deliver
to tiny shops,

as if there was
room on roads.

learn quickly.

out of the way!

(no suitable
springs to mind.)

everyone moves
aside, quickly.

tiny trucks
go slowly by.

roads in a 
beautiful place.

tiny trucks leave
no dirty tracks
on the streets.

shops sell a few
amazing things:
exquisite art,

a bowl: carved
of ancient olive,
grown thousands
of years ago.

cool shade is
an under-rated

just stay cool!

Badlands no.12

Badlands no.12

the rains came down
for millions of years

washing away rock
   (was sand, packed
      hard and turned
to sandstone.)

memories stir
and i want to
      return to a
place and time
a little beyond
      my grasp.

      beside me, 
   a small dog 
sleeps in peace.

envy stirs, as i
      fight sleep
   like a tired

rock never sleeps, 
   time's rivers
   wash it slowly
      to the sea,

one grain
      of sand
at a time.