Badlands no.12

Badlands no.12

the rains came down
for millions of years

washing away rock
   (was sand, packed
      hard and turned
to sandstone.)

memories stir
and i want to
      return to a
place and time
a little beyond
      my grasp.

      beside me, 
   a small dog 
sleeps in peace.

envy stirs, as i
      fight sleep
   like a tired

rock never sleeps, 
   time's rivers
   wash it slowly
      to the sea,

one grain
      of sand
at a time.

Barn in June

such a beautiful
      june morning!
sunshine burning
      an image in
   my ancient eyes.

across her fields,
      a falling barn
      squats beside
expanding woods.

      summer heat
baked barn siding
   many years ago.

   we wander past
      and see a ruin,
reminding me of
   my own ruin,

   still falling,
   still failing,
   still happy
      to be alive.