Holocaust Remembrance Day

She was a young woman, holding her child’s hand.

I saw the numbers, tattooed on her arm. But she was far too young, and so I asked her.

“I did it for my grandma”, she told me.

“Excuse, me, but why would your grandma want you to have this tattoo?”

“She was tattooed in a concentration camp. She was ashamed. So I got one, to share it with her.” she told me.

I looked over at her husband, who now had the child. “Lucky man.” I thought. “She is so much!”

Skeletal Tree

   Skeletal Tree

   ten thousand feet 
above everything,
ideas come slowly, 
oxygen so scarce!

   i see tree-bones
death has visited
   this chilly place
   before my time.

at this altitude
   trees are an 
      expense or 
luxury, perhaps.

nothing much
   lives forever.
not such trees,
   so beautiful
even in death.

good things end.
      time conceals
   many surprises.
so many, so often.

   evil too ceases.
   we live for that.
as long as it lasts,
   it seems so long.

   and we are left,
   for good, or ill,
with bare-limbed


Passionate Pink

   waves of pink
from the centre
      of passion.

      a blush or 
even a smile.
   lies are not 

summer days 
      warm so 
many hearts.

girls in bikinis
      make him
forget his age,

and his decrepit 

   i have to smile,
because i know
      his daughter

could have 
almost been
these children's

   and he smiles
because he thinks
i share his thought.

Passing on Starboard

Passing on Starboard

following rules
will sometimes
save your life.

heavy traffic
on a highway
or in a busy port
can be tough.

tropical storms
can strike quickly,
bad surprises.

many shipwrecks
with experienced
crews and fine boats,

on the bottom,
building reefs.

a good pilot
guides you
safely home,

any port in 
a calm season.
some things,

really should
never be 

following rules
will sometimes
save your life.

View From Above

View From Above

   we envy birds.
their easy flight,
   mastery of air,

   their, oh so
point of view.

      treetops look
interesting when we 
are positioned like
   a bird's-eye.

   we don't see
things the same.
      we can't, we
have no wings,

   although we
   so often wish
to see treetops
   from above.

Peak to Peak

   from there
      to there
   wasn't far, as 
the crow goes...

      the dog and i
always had to 
   walk  around.

life is like that,
      you know.

   we walked
      from peak 
   to peak, and
broke no bones.

he was always
patient, tugging
   (not much) on
      his leash,

   wherever I 
wanted to go.

      a little patience
makes a long walk
   so much easier.

I sometimes saved
him from obvious
      disasters, like
cactus needles
   in his paws.

   obvious to me,
though maybe
      not to him.

friends save us 
    sometimes, as we
venture together,
      peak to peak.