A Kind of Beautiful

this is a message
from the world 

of colours,
and i got to see

what happens 
when colour 
is taken away.

this was a white
and yellow flower,

which changed
in appearance

radically when 
colours were

removed, ignored
and forgotten.

this is a message
from the world 

of colours,
and i got to see

what happens 
when colour 
is taken away.

Ripe Sunflower

food or flower,
these questions

come around
from time to time,

but demand no 
serious answers.

some think life
is just a joke,

cheap laughs for 
the far balconies.

then there are 
bright sunflowers,

yellow brightness
summer wonders,

promises of edible
treats for autumn.

yellow petals wither
before seeds ready

birds and people
must wait until

seeds are ready.

time doesn't hurry.
small birds must

smell the ripeness,
when the time

has come and 
the wait is over.

(i am a sunflower,
not quite ready,

Silhouettes and Mystery

when we stare
      up at the sky,

tilting heads back
   so we can focus

      our minds on
something above

      the birds fly
where we can't

blocking light,

   so we focus
on light and 
      on shade

   a bird's shadow
rarely touches us.

      we think that 
we deserve more.

and i wonder 
      what will 
become of us,

if we are destined 
   to die out.

   i expect i won't 
      be here 
when it happens. 

   but i don't like 
   the idea much.

does this 
shadow touch us?

Sunset Like Golden

i will not claim 
it's gold, but 
it looks golden.

a sky like this
i saw 
three years ago.

i can't advise 
you how to live 
your life,

i'm not quite sure
on how to live
my own.

i see him playing
with the new 
train set,

and wonder about
the world we're
leaving him.

so far, he's escaped
the hellish pandemic.
we hold our breath.

On Nameless Beach

on nobody's map,
we found this plant.

dna identifies it,
as it defines us.

but still, 
i do not know it.

palm leaf plant
i do not recognize,

one of so many 
things i do not know.

the south pacific ocean
is a great enormous sea

on a good day,
a fine day,

there's more than 
you can see.

a secret beach,
where nobody goes,

because it isn't 
even on a map, 
any map.

on nobody's map,
we found this plant.

Echoes of Destruction

broken off from 
trunk and root, 

disposessed of 
leaves and life.

at ten thousand feet, 
i found altitude sickness 

and now i know 
what that feels like.

i can't imagine how 
the broken branch
would feel or 
even if it can.

sepia tone,

it seems bleak,
a landscape

of the echoes
of destruction.

 as you walk through
the wreckage,

even when 
it is very quiet,

those silent echoes
seem very loud.