Flame Bush

she said it was
   a flame bush;

      but the fires
have gone out.

winter's here;

an early snow 
   has blown in.

      today it is 
a snow bush;

   outside are
ice and snow.

   arthritic pain
in many joints,

i know i feel
      too much.

sometimes it feels
      as if i'm numb
to other people's pain

not caring as deeply
      as i should.

(we are all family)

One Old Wheel

   resting on a rock
in somebody's garden
      far away

   one old wheel
won't keep on 

   it is finished
      for today.

   i see no stories
in rotting wood;

no memories connect 
      to anyone who ever

turned this wheel.

it could have been
      a farmer's thing,

part of an implement
   of effort and toil,

something to stir up
      old sediments

   washed ashore,
dry decades ago.

in this desert place,
      old wood as 
in this wheel

   decays very slowly.
it all turns to dust.

Castle on a Rock

a castle on a rock

a vignette helps
us see things
we might miss

how blue the midday
sea can be!

sunshine on 
the waves,

we see pirate ships,
tied up beside
the stone causeway.

today the castle
is no fortress,

those days are
long past.

things have changed
so much these days

because the pirates
are not at the gates

because now pirates
own the the castles.

Little Truck #3/13

Little Truck #3/13

everything so white
   on an island, 

      in a blue sea.

      once again 
   we consider

the wite walls
      of the town,

      little white truck,
white marble walls...

   but are they marble?
limestone is white too.

   little white trucks
are common there,

working hard as ever
      trucks anywhere.

   narrow streets
      no barrier 
   to tiny trucks.

      on white 

and painted streets.

Nightmare Temple

      i've heard that
evil here is done

   some are beaten,
      tortured (hung).

   in the name of
      nothing real,

   evil creatures
rant and roar,

believing they are
      right (and just),   

somehow doing 
      the will of a 
   vengeful god.

i begin to wonder
      if we are even 
the same species,

      but i try hard
to believe in a basic
goodness in people.

   now as i think 
about how i feel,

i begin to understand
   that some people

      are not people
   i would ever
      want to know.


   leading upwards 
an old white stair

      shows us 
the way home

if that is home

   white paint
bought in bulk

shows things
a bit cleaner

than we thought

(white paint 
      shows dirt)

and then there are 
   the white stairs,

      a challenge
and for some of us,

a minor ordeal

   do not look 
for miracles,

      mostly they 
are misunderstood

but so welcome.

Ancient Brick

      i always try to 
keep my distance 
   when i pass 
these ancient walls.

   (ruined) i hesitate
as they may fall,

   (standing so long
on unstable earth)

      as continents
approach each
   other to each

pressure builds
      again until
the earth itself

   shakes like a 
bowl of jelly.

   we know better
and carefully we

keep our distance.

      how can
standing walls
   resist shaking?

failing to fall
  through millenia?

      resisting gravity
quite unreasonably.

(we see that 
   ancient brick

has stood so long,
      is standing still 
   through millenia)

Biting at the Leash

sometimes we may learn
from watching a puppy

our behaviour and
attitudes made plain

ozzie bites at his leash
and i know i do that too

straining in futility
my leash aggravates

and i struggle with
the idea of constraint

like the tri-coloured
rebellious pup

ozzie used to be

he's a little older now
and better behaved

he has learned to 
accept his constraints

but i have not

so in some ways 
he has surpassed

my own acceptance of
ties that bind me

Dreams and Dreamstuff

Dreams and Dreamstuff

   sometimes beauty
   in unmistakeable.

we look and relook,
      hoping always for

ultimate visual treat(s).

      salmon pink,
   pale green too,
   on a white field.

      colour dreams;
colour dreamstuff!

we are fortunate.

      others are not
so lucky as we are.

there are stories to tell
      stories to hear,
nightmares we created.

   but we could try
   a little harder,

to make things good
   for all our friends

wherever and whoever
      they might be.