September Lupine

exploring in a back yard
we may find a little joy,

a little extra colour,
september sunshine

a little extra life.

lupines grow wild,
but may be planted.

famous for aphids,
sucking life's juices

a pattern in pink:
bright, warm, cheery

lupines might survive 
in our garden 
next year,

if hungry aphids 
don't get them first.

a little cool water 
in their roots

is all they seem to 
want or really need.

Water Falling Always

Water Falling Always

what i don't know
ia always so amazing

to nobody else,
just to me. 

so many things
i don't need to know

but they fascinate me
just the same.

this waterfall's
source is above us,

so i want to know
how that water 
got up there.

curious monkey,
oh what can i say?

the water falls
falls from above

i'd like to know 
all of it.

no. that,
i would love.

Clematis in September

sometimes in september
weather's getting cold

things are turning old
and falling down,
turning brown.

what kind of colour
do i need

to represent 
these chilly thoughts?

does anything return
close to what it was.

september almost
prepares us for

icy october and
future snowstorms

a clematis does 
not understand 
these things.

it does not need 
to know or think.

for a clematis,
things just happen.

Pine and Progress

Pine and Progress

some things stand out.

dead pine proud 
a cloudy sky.

behind its ghostly 

buildings stand 
where desert plants
struggled to grow.

one building seems
to take but little space;

it seems not much.

we think we 
do our best,

but we destroy 
and obliterate

everywhere we go.

look up at the 
dead tree.

how could we
have saved it?

how many buildings
will there be?

Mainly Bouquet

Mainly Bouquet

      everywhere i look,
something beautiful!

   sometimes i wish
   i could just say,

that you could

   yellow and green
making a scene!

colours like nature,

      often i've found
growing on hilsides
   growing in town.

at the flower stand
   colour's intense.

no matter how
      we wonder

it makes so
      little sense.

so much colour
      in this bland
but rocky place

an island in this
   dark universe

      but here,
a little light and:

       everywhere i look,
something beautiful!

The King is Dead

The King is Dead

long live the king.

bones of that pine
overshadow a 
little new growth.

old kings don't 
always live easily.

frost falls thick
on every tree on 
the high mountain.

the old king's
crown was split
by catastrophe 
many years ago.

yet he grew strong
as any tree could.

broken yet unbeaten,
each year 
a new growth ring.

trees may not be
capable of learning;

how much better
do we do?

life goes on;
long live the king.

September’s End

it seems like just
a second passed

when summer was
an oven's blast.

it was so hot
we had to say

it's unbelievable

the smoke so thick;
we couldn't breathe.

the birds were 
in the trees.
this summer, 
seemed just
far too brief.

the autumn came 
when it was time

leaves on the trees!
(month number nine)

sweeter more than
sweetest wine.

then came 

Monochrome Version

Monochrome Version

bones of a tree!

without colour
a tree is a tree is a tree.

that does 
not change,

but when the 
colour's gone

we can concentrate 
on the bones 
of the thing

lines that tell stories

better sometimes
than entirety.

his bull looked
like nothing we
could imagine

but we were sure
it was the bones
of the idea.

then there are the
bones of a tree!

So Much Has Fallen

this is the fall and
so much has fallen;

autumn brings 
it back every year.

green leaves are
on a summer menu

and then the fall:
and coloured leaves

but here is more:
not only leaves fall.

sometimes in forest,
trees themselves
fall to earth.

tall and strong,

it seems that 
they'd last forever,

and then they fall.
but not just some,

big or small,
they fall, all.