Flowering Thyme

a mat of tiny flowers
spreading slowly
slow as glaciers

crawling down
hanging valleys
slowly across our
steppingstone path

purple so close
to dark rich blue

purple colour
reserved for kings

no kings come here

colours don't matter
kings don't care

a mat of tiny flowers
spreading slowly
slow as glaciers

crawling down
hanging valleys
slowly across our
steppingstone path

In Black and White

In Black and White

   before they killed
      the house
they killed the trees

      its there in 
   black and white
the mess they made

      its more than 
black and white
many grey-tones

   fill a gap between
the black and white

there seem so many
shades in shadows

undistracted by colour
      we see more detail

room for different
   kinds of beauty

things we might
      not ever see

(in plain sight)
hiding in shadow

Bricks on the Chimney

Bricks on the Chimney

looking up to the top
      we see the past
   above the rooftop

bricks on the chimney
      broken and fallen

   evident destruction 
   shows no respect
for a past that made
the present possible

stories under that roof
      will be forgotten

we saw the workmen
   carrying debris
from an open door
      working safely

removing memories
   that still remained
      (not many did)

rejected memories
   may be half forgotten


     ragged blue
bachelor button

   tattered blossoms
appeal to something
      wild inside me

   and i notice that
unpatterned scenes
   seem appealing
   as i learn to see

new sights daily
      fresh treats
fresh to the eye

      ragged blue
like a favourite shirt

      worn too often
loved to pieces

too chaotic to endure
      randomly fuzzy
(beautiful in a way
   no use in denial)
like thoughts after
      too much time
under a hot sun

June Blooms

June Blooms

   we were amazed 
      by that tree 
without leaves
draped with purple flowers
      on an island 
in the mediterranean sea

it was a very hot day 
      in early june 

   not easy to believe
such incredible heat

sky so hot colour
was all burnt out
      of everything
the eye could see

   in the distance
there was africa
   and sand storms

(they were miles high)

   something to see
even once a lifetime

Burning Bush #2

Burning Bush

      stories were told
about magical
   solutions to 
heartbreaking problems

ancient peoples 
   lived with and
somehow solved
potential disaster

      a ram entangled 
in a burning bush

   saved a boy's life
an alternate sacrifice 
sent from a merciful god

to an anguished father
      (no doubt of that)
who planned to murder
   his only son

(as a sacrifice to
      placate a god)

   these are flowers
from a burning bush

maybe it's the same
       or maybe it isn't

      (i don't know) or
much like the idea of 
   human sacrifice

   it sounds a little
bit like extreme belief

Fatal Wounds

Fatal Wounds

      sometimes fatal 
wounds are painless 

   there is no time
      to form a scab

siding torn off walls
   leaving just siding

      guts exposed
to carrion seekers

anticipating and death
decay maybe termites

rich wood colours
      centuries old

look and marvel
   these colours
don't come easy

small running feet
   of young children
echo on those floors

   celebrating beginning
a life we might've envied
      (our forefathers)

Springtime Buttons

Springtime Buttons

watching for inspiration
      we see the flowers

attracting pollinators
   like little honeybees
(they see differently)

   our eyes are not
      so fantastic
we see much less

   shades of blue
reveal more detail

than if there were
      more colours

hummingbirds visit
      sucking nectar

old-fashioned flowers
      ragged in a puddle
   of spring sunshine

when they die no sign 
   of their beauty is left

      and so it is with us
   what we have in life

   our bodies and beauty
our comforts and delights

   and all possessions
they are all left behind

City Walls

City Walls

city walls built
to keep obnoxious
neighbours out

long enough to keep
marauding savages
at bay long enough for

raising sleepy defenders
(keeping ancient cities 
safe enough)

walls of stone and
walls of time

we fail to understand
time's relative elasticity

as space expands
beyond the possible

and time shows signs
of quantum elasticity

and time and matter
are  possible to create 
out of nothing at all

and are not conserved
as we'd expect
don't we want to know
how that all works

things beyond what 
we need to know

city walls failing to 
keep things predictable