Something Beautiful

Something beautiful,
the way she holds her head,
smiling at me,
but there is
something impermanent
about it,
special but yet
we must be reminded
of the inevitable
we hear
that comes
for each of us,
that comes for all.

But now she bows,
dedicated, fading.
Her petals are nearly
ready to fall.
I see some fuzzy bits,
turning to
wind-catching sails,
nature’s little parachutes.
Still there is
something left
and she is
still beautiful,
in her way.

Small Things

Small Things

We could do better,
   if we understood more.

Small things count,
      you know.
Sometimes we can’t see
         if we have a big issue
   or something trivial.
We are only human, at best.

And some are fools
   who amuse,
      until they step on
our toes.

Their words and acts
   seem trivial
      and amusing
but can be dangerous.

We could do better,
   if we understood more.



Seasonal magic
     bringing such change,
          reminding us
why life,
     in springtime
     brings us
so much
     unreasonable joy.

Green brilliance bursts out
into lengthening days
as little birds
find reasons to sing,
     maybe founding
feathery dynasties,
          with nestlings
     exciting their
     lives in weeks to come.

Lambs we’ve seen,
     springing about
     on rubbery
          infant legs,
     in woolly flocks
and wet muddy

Sunlit Purple Flowers

Hidden in
a sunlit corner,
purple isn’t shy.
red and blue,
it isn’t cold
or hot,
not even warm.
Instead, it is
just and only

How brightly burn
our flames!
We crawl
through time.
Day after day,
no rushing time.
We get our lives
one moment
at a time.
And then
its over.

Then what?
We cannot know.
Yet we believe
so many stories.

Turn a page,
a page we cannot
turn back.
Memory’s not perfect.
Images of yesterday
are blurred at best.


Strawberry waterfals,

blueberry thunder!

Invisible rainbows

and marshmallow trails.

I look for the answers

but cannot imagine

appropriate questions.

Consider the cost.

I sit by the fire

(cold to the touch),

dreaming of angels,

doing not much.

Blinded by sunlight,

deafened by music,

watching the snow melt,

hear the clock tick.

Clocks measure seconds,

minutes and hours.

Life flows on anyways,

ticking by weeks and days.

Months and years

slide on past.

Time does not

wait for us.

Watch how you go.

Cheer me up,

cheer me up!

Bring me

bright colours

after the snow melts

and spring is here.

Bouquets are cheery gifts,

and they give spirit lifts.

Moods are improved,

before a deep sleep.

Over the Rainbow

Photographing the Iris

Somewhere a man

finds an image

he can believe in,


true or false,

it burns

into his brain.

He never varies;

the image remains.


send a message

which he

can’t receive.

Irises aren’t easy.

They seem

to have

a contrariness,

making photos

not quite beautiful.

Just not right.

He wishes

he knew

how to

make the picture,

the way

he feels

it should be.

Abandoned flowers,

at the grocery store,

make no noise,

display no sign

of alarm.

Unblessed bouquets

wait like

rejected girls

at a dance.

Sad, he knows

they should be


But there

they sit,


Bright Tomorrows

What can you know,
in this winter show,
is it brilliant
and bright?
(did I, did I
show you this?)

A parade is planned,
so I understand.
(It will
get in our way.)

Tulips always glow
so bright
in their
artificial light.
Somehow it could
turn out right.
(Tulips are a
springfreash sight.)

It seems to show,
I never know,
it’s all about
the bright tomorrows.

October Beauty

Look again,
winter is
so beautiful.

How can we judge
any other thing
so beautiful?

Deep frigid snowdrifts,

when you look!

And really look,
well worth
your while,

such feeble effort!

And then there’s
the most exciting days,
when each small seed
attempts to grow,
becoming, maybe
such success in summer.

Then October:
amazing how it comes,
silent and cool;
we cannot quite respond.

We hear no question.

But we hold
our breath
to see the beauty
of the new-dead leaves.

We see October beauty!