Morning Dream

Morning Dream

when this
sad mess
is over,
we’ll be
in the
all day long.
can be
such a
even when
the dream
has it
all wrong

life isn’t
just a
child’s party,
we work
through an
awful mess.
we’ll try our
best though,
we can
make it
at least
we’ll try,
and do it
more or less

cloudy days
come sometimes
and they
cool us,
as we
sometimes are,
we can
dream it big
and maybe
one day,
we’ll dream
of home
from some quite
distant star

Clouds Over Kalamalka

Dramatic skies,
I can enjoy
so much.

A constant
light show,
as we watch
storms blow up
the lake.

Beautiful clouds
inspire passion.
Amazing things
to see.

I cannot say
I’m always right.
There are
so many things
to learn.

I cannot
touch her,
as she is
not mine.

These days
get longer.
Spring must
be here soon.

Vanishing Wild

Vanishing Wild

On the edges
of our thorny hedges,
a vanishing wild
goes unnoticed, unseen.

Without experience,
how will the children
learn to feel
their loss.

Snowy fields,
and ice-lined creeks,
as springtime prepares
to awaken the world.

Some things wonderful
and green are almost ready
to burst out
(and we might
hear a shout:
Melt the snow;
start the show!
We are ready.

You know we are ready,
for life to begin again,
both high and low.

Leaf buds and birdsong,
spring never goes wrong,
even with snow.
Things should be green again;
we don’t know just quite when.
We’ll shout and sing out
then and be excited
that springtime is here.