Coral Sand, Black Lava

white coral sand, 
      wet black lava,
   tropical seas, 
the summery sky!

      every day seems
a wonderful dream.

we eat shave ice
   but not much
      ice cream.

      a secret beach
seems such an idea!
down a private road,
(we asked the young
      guard for access, 
      quickly granted)
we were on our way.

   a narrow road on 
      white coral sand,
a gift from the bowels
   of many parrotfish,
   and we are grateful.

      a wonderful
uncrowded beach.
      we carried on,

to welcome shade 
      beneath hot
      sunny skies.

   in black and white,
feeling, no surprise.

After the Storm

After the Storm

Once the
storm passed,
a bit by
imminent wreck,
we watch
others, as
we all
walk back
to refuge,
huge ships.

Storms happen,
whether we
or not.
They landed
us at
the nearest
safe haven,
the boat
us about.
And then
our feet
on rock

We all have
our storms.
Our lives
are lived
in unknown
Out in
deadly surprises
sometimes lurk.
We cannot
know how
to prepare.

Such beauty,
in those
skies, her
dark and
secret eyes.
So much
to know
and still
no way
to understand.
A man is
such a small
and feeble thing,
out in
those storms.