Little Orange Something

it's a little orange
   nice to look at.
      if i listen,
i will hear that.

   part of this 
is quite sharp 
      and clear,
and part of it
   looks fuzzy.

some things are
      pretty simple,
some are quite
      a puzzle.

   we want our
      world back,
better somehow
   than it was.

      (let's not look
too closely at the 
   mess we made.

      if we looked
      at the truth
of it, we should
      be afraid.)

Bright Red Berries

Bright Red Berries

      sitting in 
the sunshine
   on a cool 
november day,

      listening to
flocks of geese
who could not
   find their way,

      bright red 
berries hanging 
on fiercely, to
   branches on 
an unknown
      berry bush,
never letting go.
   amazing grip!

something nice 
      to look at,
but brilliant
   in sunshine...