Hilltop to Hilltop

looking across a timescape
we see into a distant past

where great lumbering
creatures walked a beach

after they died (huge
piles of rotting meat)

bones were revealed
(sand washed in)
covered deep for eons

minerals leached in
replacing calcium
(bones became stone)

covering sand became stone 
(long millions of years)
and buried deep the bones

volcanoes erupted
spewing ash which became
thick silent layers

ice ages came and went
continents drifted while
land rose and subsided

looking across a timescape
we see into a distant past

October Oak

October Oak

as daylight hours decrease
trees will lose leaves

these colours come 
around each fall

green leaves grow dim
changing colours 
almost overnight

one day you see
a bright orange tree

and suddenly know
october's back again

summer cumulus
clouds become cirrus

nights become chilly

the time comes for
fall gardening jobs

there are shrubs to trim
many leaves to rake

soon it will be too cold
you know we're going

into winter's deadly cold

most importantly
see and enjoy the colours

Dials and Bells

Dials and Bells

looking up skywards
   we can't fail to see

      dials and bells
      on a tower face

   marking time
sounding alarms

   as our lives tick by
chimes ringing out

      we can yell
   we can scream
whisper or shout

dials mark time
   in a visual way

      but now we find
   we may not know
   or even understand

      what time is
or how it flows

   what really matters 
with the time we have
      is how we grow
and what we grow into


wine bottles
      seem so small

   after you have 
seen amphorae.

civilization is such 
      a big surprise.

all it takes to tame
   troupes of
frantic monkeys 

is sufficient alcohol.

   amphorae do look 
interesting in a way.

cool shapes.

(comforting somehow)

frantic monkeys do
      love their comfort.

fear the pandemic,
   it can damage 
our feeble brains.

      already we are
woefully underpowered.

save my cpu!

Spring by the Lake

the water's cold
   although the 
      ice is gone.

   we know icy water 
from almost before 
      we were young .

   stick your toes
in springtime's 
      chilly water. 

your toes went in
      to the ankle;
you know cold water
for long as you live.

      deep chill, 
      down deep
to where light fades

into featureless
      blurry shadow

      diffuse light
seems to come
from every place.

interesting days,
      we still survive:

      icy weather,
   cold spring water
chills our toddler toes.

Share the Road

tiny trucks deliver
to tiny shops,

as if there was
room on roads.

learn quickly.

out of the way!

(no suitable
springs to mind.)

everyone moves
aside, quickly.

tiny trucks
go slowly by.

roads in a 
beautiful place.

tiny trucks leave
no dirty tracks
on the streets.

shops sell a few
amazing things:
exquisite art,

a bowl: carved
of ancient olive,
grown thousands
of years ago.

cool shade is
an under-rated

just stay cool!

Ruins and Palms

ruins and palms
have little value
      in my daily life.

   in my memories 
they are magical.

stories of ruins,
      of the things
   that happened 
there and there,

well I know that 
      i ought to say:

      very special 
   about the stories 
i don't want to hear.

like the palms,
   they are not
related to my
  own stories,

or my life.

   they have a very
different mesage,
      maybe, while i
might have none.

my own stories or my life

nothing important,
because i must be
about as important
   as an ant in a hill.

   would i like to be
more important?

      what kind of 
comes with that?

maybe to be an ant 
      is enough.

   and what about
   the palm and its

   and the wall?

Spring Seawall

drifting along
a beautiful
seawall on
an island,

they have
no agenda,
nor purpose.

on a day 
like this.

quarried stone
holds back waves,

waves breaking
on hard stone.

make no mistake;
any rock weathers
on these edges.

some last longer
than others. 
these stones last 
longer than we do.

for us the people 
are always the story.

and here, the story 
is that the people
do not seem so 
very important.

not much going on,
no real dramas
are unfolding.

the drama here
is all unseen,
and unseeable,
or maybe 
the drama is
the landscape.

Grand Canal

that morning the 
north end of 
the adriatic sea,

looked like a
scene from a 
monster movie, 
after the crowd 
ran away.

venice started 
out that way, 
a barbarian army 
at the edge 
of a swamp. 

nothing much 
has changed

an awful mist 
hung over
the grand canal,

as we looked 
toward a modern 
art museum.

maybe it excited
her to support men
who might some 
day be known 
as greats.

you never know.

a carpenter 
might become 
a fisherman;

a slave might 
become a 
famous sculptor,
a plowman, a poet.

and we had faith
that sunshine
would come back.

Coldstream Creekside

somewhere near,
a road-building
project destroyed

a historic wonder,
i made a photograph:
a very old log house.

sunburned from
probably a century
of summer sun.

logs turned rich
brown and black,

cracks filled with 
old white plaster.
whitewash, maybe.

i don't know the 
stories i can't see.

i can always
believe nonsense;
it's a very human 
thing to do.

the creek flowed
silently past the
old log house.

maybe it was
drinking water,
though today it
looks murky,
a bit dangerous.

old stories are
impossible to
prove, a bit murky,

digging for
truth a little quirky

we turn over stones,
looking to see clues
to untold stories,
stories we can't see.