Hydrangea Bouquet

springtime, in the
floral department,
looks like this.

many times, in a
long cold winter,
we craved warmth,

wanting what we
did not have.

maybe it's always
springtime, in the
floral department,

i wouldn't know.

there are things
that i don't need
to see or 
hear or say..

but i fear that i am 
no wise monkey,

and see so much
that makes me sad. 

springtime, in the
floral department,
looks like this.

City on a Rock

   they hang on,
      looking out
at the same view 

   so much doesn't
ever change much.

      we rest on our
better judgement
it's never enough.

   we love to see,
from an early age,

   it's so important,
for so many of us.

      scenery can help
our pointless days,

      allowing for an
accurate weather

a sense of true
      foresight and
a source of mildly 

   as we watch
   the weather
blow our way.

Looking Up

Looking Up

beside the hill,
i begin to
my importance
in the scheme 
of things.

if i were to think
about my time
and the scale
of time these hills

i'd have to be 
impressed by my
time as much as
by my stature.

how important 
i am not!

i think and 
words come out, 
not always exactly

it can be a struggle.

layers of sand, 
turned to stone, 
containing all 
the stories 
of so many ages.

i seee it all, 
i am amazed.

humbling, but
i am not humiliated.
loving the chaotic beauty
of this wild place!

Vivid Sky

Vivid Sky

why do i think it's
the edge of night?

      just before 
   the darkness
smothers colour

then darkness 
sticky eyelids
   stick shut
until morning.

why do i think it's
the edge of night?

      why not:
the edge of day?

or something

      maybe we
should consider 
and midnight.

      but nothing 
seems unusual 
   about either.

   maybe we can 
forget middles 
      and edges 
   and make it 
all about the sky.

in the clouds!

A Tree To Make Me Happy

here is a tree to
make me happy:

branches that 
do not meet my

they all go their
own puzzling ways.

a pleasing chaos
reigns as branches
grow unpredictably,

following no known
patterns, growing
always beautiful.

shape and shade
encourage my
easy admiration.

(hot summer days
teach many meanings 
of oppression)

we should never
learn them all.

Kal Lake

Kal Lake

merging photos, 
makes panorama
visions like we never
saw before,

i look out at this view
i have seen every day,
and always it's seemed 
something new.

time closes in quickly,
as time seems 
to do at the end
of a long tiring day.

my time's coming soon, 
this view will be gone,
a time to just walk away
life brings us such views,
then makes us choose;
we turn to go 
forward each day.

Time Travel Addiction

Time Travel Addiction

they say she has a small 
time travel addiction.

i probably can say
that all of her travelling
will be only be one way.

it seems a long, 
long journey,
we travel 
night and day.

time won't stand still
and wait for us,  
we have to come along.

we sing of 
but time won't 
hear our song.

we are all leaves
stuck in a stream,

with just one way to go,   
down to time's silent sea,

because a time is
coming when 
time will cease to be.

Bouquet 7

saturn's rings
are little things,

torn apart 
by too much 
gravity perhaps.

no levity would
help, i fear.

it is like 
that here.

love and laughter 
sometimes coincide.

and when they do, 
magic may happen.

stuff like love 
and floral bouquets
can be storied,

stories unto

we dare not ask;
we do not really
want to know.

saturn's rings
are little things,

torn apart 
by too much 
gravity perhaps.

Red Deer River Valley

Red Deer River Valley

here was an ocean
an ancient 
shallow sea;

great creatures 
navigated there
before you and me.

archaic things
swam in sandy
bottomed shallows

sailors in ancient
places, where we'll
never go again.

buried bones
have turned
to stone

millions of years
went sliding past
it seems so long;
it goes so fast.

here are bones,
when fleshed 
and live,
swam by 
so long ago.

we see them
in museums,
learning little.