Bamboo n Green

it's someplace 
exotic where
   i'd like to be 

winds bring us
   clouds then it 
   starts to rain.

      green stuff 
is wonderful,
   so appealing,
i don't know why.

      it seems a 
green voice calls

   and i know 
that not too 
many steps,
into the green, 
i'd disappear.

Blown Peony 2

Blown Peony 2

it looks like this
when the petals 
fall off.

each day brings
a new surprise.

this morning
i had to
shovel snow.

and shout hello
to my neighbor.
his new puppy
came to visit.

a puppy's
full off play.
fuzzy bundle
of bounces.
i made a friend.

new friends are
always so full
of promise;
you never know.

Unknown Tropical

into the unknown, 
we venture, 
each day.

some things are 
in every way

flowers in 
tropical gardens, 
brighten memories,

of a time before
today's plague
descended on us..

whatever disaster, 
things can be 
much better
than we want
to admit.

our thirst for
knowledge is
like orange juice.

we can only 
take so much
after all.

so there we sit,
feeling a little
bit foolish,

with a two litre
jug, barely touched.

Rattlesnake Point

   from here 
      it looks
so different,

   and it seems
      like another
world, a wonder.

someone thought
   its name might
frighten tourists.

   so they put a
different name
      on the map.

      local people
laugh about it.

they know that
rattlesnakes are
      native too.

   they are not 
overly sensitive 
      about it.

      and if tourists
   are too scarey,
a good bite might
   set things right!

Ring of Fire

   mute evidence of 
long ago eruption, 

   cooling rocks 
swim in warm 
   pacific waves.

      a thousand
   miles away
a gentle breeze
   stirred a sea,

   and pushed a
surface droplet
against another
      and another.

   the pile rose 
and now waves 
      wash over
these dark rocks,

      we watch their
rhythmical arrival,
   hear a pattern
      of splashes.

they could be a clock,
   dividing our days.

      we might live
between wave peaks,
   resting in valleys.

      and how the sun 
burns down on us.