Phlox in a Sunbeam

   on hands and knees
i twist and stretch
looking for an image
      i could love,

   up above it all,
      a golden light
cruises overhead.

   but shadows move

   so things change.
i see no movement,
      and so it is.

   my vision has no
   great value. i
      do not matter.

   and there it is!
      the very thing
i wanted, picture
   of joy, summer
      on a screen.

   i'll put it
      on a page.
someone will
surely love it.
      so i like to 
   think, anyways

Poppy in the Sun

Poppy in the Sun

a blast of colour
   confronts us
in our walk.
it gives me
and so i stop.

      i think of 
   bright and
shiny things 
      that i
   might want.
but though they 
in the light,
i know better,

   so I like to think, 
because their glitter 
has so little meaning 
      in fast 
approaching night