October Thistle

black is white,
      they want 
   to tell me.

i won't make
that mistake
   really soon.

   but they count
on me and you,

      to believe
the nonsense
that they spew.

      angry at us
when we won't
   swallow all
      the muck,

      in which 
they wallow.

      i might like
a soapbox too,

   to stand on
and shout out
   what's true.

black is black
   and white 
      is white,

      may they 
always meet!

wrong is wrong;
      right is right,
we must be careful.

darkness may
up the light.

when we see
the shadows
coming close,

   shout danger, 
danger, danger!

      push those
   shadows back
to dusty corners
   in evil minds.