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Wild Thing in Our Garden

there's a wild thing
   in our backyard,
under a lilac bush,

   sheltering from
      mid-day heat,
in such cool shade
   as may be found.

   we fenced our lawn 
to keep our small dogs
      safe inside,

thinking that
      wild things
   might find it
      easier to
walk away.

   mule deer, have
a different view
   of how things

   might be, stepping
      right over
as if it wasn't

there, and rest
   freely in our
      safe shade,

   adding to
   the beauty
nature's made

Shade Under a Lilac

Shade Under a Lilac

      mule deer
lounge quietly
   under a 
   lilac bush
i planted
      for her

   pretty like
   a picture,
in the shade,

   safety in
our backyard
      all their 
dues are paid

in our garden
   bloom and
fade and fall

   mule deer
   come and 
rest, go
   at will

   our lives
are complicated
and seem, to us
      so grand

      wild things
   so beautiful,
   so hard to